Sunday, July 19, 2009

Among the reasons it's referred to as the People's Republic of Massachusetts,

"Armed with the knowledge that more than 250,000 tickets for civil motor vehicle infractions were challenged in the state last fiscal year, legislators have voted to charge drivers $25 for such hearings."

Take a day of from work to fight a $100 speeding ticket, and if the court finds you were wrongly cited and clears you of any wrongdoing, the State will now be charging you $25 for the "privilege" of being found innocent.

TWENTY (at least!!!) prior convictions for violent crime, and a woman was raped and stabbed to death, because there was no one in this guy's long relationship with the criminal justice (for lack of a better word) system to say "Gee, maybe this asshole should be in prison."

Massachusetts lawmakers will pass a law making it illegal for a non-criminal Massachusetts resident to purchase a 12-round magazine for a pistol (10 rounds are OK, less violence-inducing, apparently) and justify it with "IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE!".

But that same group of lawmakers has sat on their collective ass for decades, doing nothing to keep repeat violent offenders in prison, and letting scumbags like this walk the streets, free to rape and murder with impunity.
Obligatory Closing Line: Thank God Ms. Gosule wasn't carrying a firearm that night. Someone could have got hurt.

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Windy Wilson said...

"Someone could have got hurt."
This indicates who the leftists consider to be somebody and who they consider to be cattle (or chattel, the word the leftist feminists are so fond of using to describe the state they escaped from). Now, why they so consistently ally themselves with thugs and rapists and murdereres (micro like the criminals in their catch-and-release program and macro like Chavez and Castro and Che Guevara) can only be explained by professional courtesy.
I have run out of epithets for leftists.