Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A roundup of some crap out there

The Senate made our enemies happy and our allies sad. And I have to say I'm disgusted that Sen. Coburn voted to drop F22 funding. And if you had any doubts remaining about President B. Hussein Cartman Obama, saw over at Ace that he'd promised to veto the bill if the F22 funding for more wasn't cancelled. Ace has the comment "surrender isn't an accident, it's a plan." And it seems to be the plan of the Second Carter AdministrationObama Administration.

Obama and the Democrats paid off the AMA to support his socialized medicine plan:
In the bill, Democrats provide $245 billion to eliminate an annual shortfall in payments to doctors under Medicare. Democrats resolved this annual headache, in large part, to win crucial support for the bill from the American Medical Association. That money currently counts against the overall costs of the bill, but Democrats have introduced legislation that would remove remove this obligation from federal deficit.

Michelle Malkin
tried to get some answers ref the new Science King(ranks right below Emperor Obama) about his views, gets lecture and runaround:

Last week, I called the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to press Science Czar John Holdren on his views; his purported disavowal of Ecoscience, the book he co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich; and his continued embrace of forced-abortion advocate and eugenics guru Harrison Brown, whom he credits with inspiring him to become a scientist.

I got an earful from OSTP flack Rick Weiss, who lectured me about journalism. He let me know that he was a reporter for 15 years (at the Washington Post) and put me on notice against writing a “smear job.” He had snippy words for blogs covering the Holdren story and warned against making unfair associations between what Holdren believes and what other population control promoters believe.

But when I pressed him specifically about Holdren’s relationship with Harrison Brown, he:

1) said he didn’t know who he was;

2) balked at drawing any conclusions about Holdren’s views based on his homages to Brown (even though Brown is a lifelong intellectual mentor, colleague, and continued inspiration for Holdren);

3) and told me not to expect any response from Holdren’s office on my specific question about whether Hodren disavows his relationship with a eugenics enthusiast who referred to the world population as a “pulsating mass of maggots.”

I didn’t have any luck. Maybe you will.

Naw, it's not about Obama, it's about medicine! And HopeyChangey!!! Except when it's about Obama.

And last, the Honduran government told the Venezuelan government
The Foreign Ministry has requested the honorable embassy of Venezuela the withdrawal of its administrative, technical and diplomatic staff in a term of 72 hours due to the threats of using force, the interference in internal issues as well as the lack of respect to the territorial integrity," Deputy Foreign Minister Martha Lorena Alvarado said.
The Venezuelans, being standard-issue commie flying monkeys for Chavez,
The request, however, was turned down by Vezezuelan diplomats who said they would not leave Honduras and would not obey the order of any coup government not recognized by Venezuela.

"We do not recognize the government led by Roberto Micheletti. It is a coup government, supported by bayonets," Uriel Vargas, the first secretary from the Venezuelan embassy in Honduras, told local radio station HRN
I thought when a host government told you to get the hell out, you got. Unless you were actually trying to cause trouble, which these clowns are. Shouldn't that be cause for action like, oh, an infantry company exercise? Of course, since they'd be chasing a bunch of commie troublemakers out the UN and OAS and Obama would all crap bricks and make threats; if we were really lucky some of them would be so 'troubled' by Honduras defending their country there'd be some heart attacks or strokes. Or piles, at least.


Anonymous said...

RE: The F22. I spoke to my son (a USMC officer-and-pilot-in-training) on this. He said, DON'T continue the F22. It's a limited use jet. He said that the next-generation JTF (F-35?) fighter is what should be getting the money. It has more versatility and range then the F-22.

RE: Honduras. Under the rules of "civilized society" (and does Venezuela even qualify?), can't Honduras declare ALL Venezualean embassy personnel "persona-non-grata", and have them forceably arrested & expelled from the country, the same way they did to Zelaya? And maybe even seize the Embassy? And all its papers and code books & machines?? Ohhh, that would be fun to watch. (squeal like a maniac!!) I'd even pay good money for a front row seat.

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army

RKL said...

This is a secondhand comment so take it for what it's worth. I know some people (one including my brother) who work at Lockheed. I've heard that Lockheed isn't worried about losing the F22 money because they simply don't have the capacity to produce both that one and the JSF. Again take it for what it's worth.


Anonymous said...

That's going to be so fun when the Honduran government shuts off the utilities to the Venzie embassy and stops deliveries of all supplies. Let'em rot there.

Of course the Venzie commiein charge will get even more hostle and our commieinchief will doubtlessly try to draw a parallel between what the Hondurans do and what the Iranians did(except he would support what the Iranians did).

Get out some more popcorn and draft a letter to the Honduran Government to see if they would like to put out a call for a volunteer Reagan Brigade - with no apologies to the commie-led Lincoln Brigade.

Firehand said...

I've heard various things about the F22; the bulk of it has been "This thing is amazing, and we really need it." And part of my concern is the simple fact that this administration will trash the Defense Dept. for the sake of "We can use that money elsewhere to buy votes." If someone knows more about the aircraft than I(not difficult), I'll defer to their knowledge.

Yeah, turn off water and power and when they bitch and whine "We're being tortured!" announce loudly and in big letters "You can leave, as you were told to, at any time; there's the door."

Anonymous said...

I worked on the F-22 program, and am a current USAF officer. It doesn't surprise me that a USMC flyer would say "kill it", because it's not built to do the mission the USMC does...

The day his fighter can't compete with another "air superiority" fighter from an adversary, he'll want to know why the USAF didn't establish "air dominance".

And saying the F-35 can do the F-22's job, is like saying the F-16 can do the F-15's job. You can say it, but it's simply NOT true.

Firehand said...

Kind of like the AF kept trying to dump the A10?

Please don't bomb my house, it's a joke!