Monday, June 29, 2009

Ref the situation in Honduras,

found this at Fausta's Blog:

Indeed, Honduras’ La Prensa states that (My translation: If you use this, please credit me and link to this post)

An official statement of the Supreme Court of Justice explained that the Armed Forces acted under lawful grounds when detaining the President of the Republic, and by decommissioning the materials to be used on the illegal poll which aimed to bring forth Executive Power against a judicial order.

Other sources verified that the president of the Congress, Roberto Micheletti, will assume the presidency of the republic in a few hours.

Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was detained this morning by the military in compliance with an order of the courts of law.

So the sitting President was breaking the law and refused to stop, and so the institutions of the nation, as required by law, acted.

So why all the condemnation by Obama and Clinton(Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the action taken against Honduras’ president should be condemned by everyone.)? Not only is Honduras having to listen to this, they've got that communist dirtbag Chavez saying things like
President Hugo Chavez has warned the Honduran military behind the coup today with “war” if anything happens to our ambassador in Tegucigalpa, or if the Venezuelan embassy is taken.

Chavez said that it would be “a declaration of war” and Venezuela would be forced to send troops. “The Venezuelan Armed Forces are on alert.”

“The military junta would be entering on a de-facto state of war. We would have to act even militarily. I wouldn’t be able to remain with my arms crossed knowing they are assaulting our ambassador.”

Yeah. Honduras is dealing with a problem, so of COURSE they're going to grab and beat up ambassadors. Uh huh.

President Obama and SecState Clinton need to shut the hell up on this. And stop crapping on Colombia:
The free-trade issue has become complicated by another urgent matter: Will Colombia grant a U.S. request to use the Palanquero military installation north of Bogotá as a U.S. air base, or "cooperative security location"? Mr. Uribe is still asking for ratification of the trade deal (FTA) negotiated in good faith and signed more than 30 months ago. Beyond this display of patience, America's most important South American partner has gone to great lenths to satisfy Democrats who've made charges of violence against labor leaders in the country. The undisputable fact is that under Mr. Uribe's leadership Colombians are safer than they have been in years.

Democrats nonetheless continue to prevent a vote on the FTA. Big Labor has simply drawn a line in the sand against any new trade agreements, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is complying. Colombia gets whacked.

The irony is protectionists don't gain anything by blocking the FTA. U.S. markets are already open to Colombian goods under the Andean trade preferences act. This new agreement would open Colombian markets to U.S. exports. Colombia may also soon have FTAs with Canada and the European Union, which would make U.S. producers even less competitive than they are now even as U.S. unemployment heads toward 10%.

We hear the White House will tell Mr. Uribe that the political needs of the Democrats' health-care agenda are too important to be disrupted by a trade vote. So Mr. Uribe will be told to tread more water, even as Mr. Obama asks Mr. Uribe for a favor


Mattexian said...

If the Honduran story you cited is accurate, then I can see why That One would condemn it: it might give our own Generals ideas about what they can do to stop the roller coaster ride to Socialism that Obama and Co. have got us on. Of course, it would require that we have a proactive Supreme Court to get off their asses and issue a ruling as super-un-Constitutional everything coming out of Congress and the White House, without first having somebody suing them and going thru the legal channels of appeal and denial for ten years. I suppose we can dream.

Firehand said...

If it ever hit the point here that the Supreme Court was issuing a warrant to the FBI or US Marshall or military to arrest the President... Talk about messy.

Firehand said...

If it ever hit the point here that the Supreme Court was issuing a warrant to the FBI or US Marshall or military to arrest the President... Talk about messy.