Sunday, June 28, 2009

So the President didn't want to 'meddle' in Iran, but he's fine on meddling for real

in Honduras?
Read Fausta’s amazing round-up of what happened here. In a nutshell, Zelaya wanted another term as president so he decided to hold a popular referendum on whether he should be eligible. Minor problem: The Honduran constitution can’t be amended by popular referendum so the country’s supreme court ordered the vote canceled. Zelaya tried to go ahead with it anyway. Literally every other arm of the Honduran government — judiciary, legislature, military — was against him, to the point where the troops who arrested him this morning were evidently acting on a court order.

And yet Obama makes big speeches about 'respecting the law' when it's Zelaya who was breaking it? I wonder why...
Why such strong, unified opposition? According to one retired Honduran general cited by Fausta, it’s because Zelaya’s a Chavez stooge and him staying on would mean “Chavez would eventually be running Honduras by proxy.” Two questions, then. One: In their rush to drool all over themselves about “the rule of law,” do Obama and Hillary realize that it’s Zelaya who was flouting the rule of law here? I know The One’s a big believer in executive power but even he’d acknowledge that defying an order from the Supreme Court crosses the line (I think). And two: Why is Team Barry siding with Zelaya instead of simply staying out of it? The White House proved with Iran that they’re capable of maintaining very tactful silences for excruciatingly long periods of time. Yet today we’ve got not only the secretary of state but the president himself rushing out statements. Is this some kind of half-assed attempt to make nice with Chavez now that relations have been restored by supporting one of his cronies? What am I missing here?
I would guess that what he's missing is that 'Zelaya's a Chavez stooge' part; I think it would suit our socialist President very well to have a Chavez stooge stage a takeover of Honduras. Only the people of the nation and every branch of government said, to put it crudely "We are NOT going to let this shit happen!". And didn't.

Good on Honduras. And bad on Obama.


Anonymous said...

Maybe because he figures that (us) dictators and wannabe dictators has gots to stick together?

Mattexian said...

Plus, a military- backed coup would be pretty much what it'd take to clean up/out the Chicago-style politics that follows That One wherever he goes.

(Sorry, I reading these last posts bass-ackwards, from last to first from today & yesterday.)

Windy Wilson said...

He knows not to meddle in the affairs of his betters.