Thursday, July 02, 2009

Something from Canada that won't surprise you

Among the factors determining murder rates, levels of gun ownership is among the most overstated and least reliable, in Mauser’s view. “There is no empirical support for the claim that gun ownership is related to violence rates,” he says.
From The lowdown on crime in Canada, thanks to Uncle for pointing to this.


Windy Wilson said...

What do you expect? The person interviewed is named "Mauser". They're obviously biased. [/sarc]

Keith said...

Gary Mauser is a seriously good source of info. his website has some good stuff to download.

My old tutor from my last spell at college is a fellow Prof at Simon Fraser, so I'm a little biased too...

Vancouver Real Estate said...

I think the article provides a pretty objective look on the crime rates and shows a few nice stats. I think Mr. Mauser is a pretty reliable source of info. Very nice article, thanks for sharing it.

Take care, Jay