Saturday, July 04, 2009

A government with great regard for it's laws and soverignty;

unfortunately, it ain't here. Fortunately for Honduras,
TEGUCIGALPA, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Honduras' interim government announced Friday that the country decided to quit from the Organization of American States (OAS).

In a letter to the OAS read by Honduras' Vice Minister of International Relations Martha Lorena de Casco, it said "This government believes that inside the organization (of the OAS), there is no room for Honduras, for the states that love its freedom and defend its sovereignty."

The reading of the letter was made in presence of Honduran Acting President Roberto Micheletti
A very polite way of saying "Screw you, we're not letting you order us to disregard our laws and put that Chavez puppet back into office."
The interim government's announcement came after OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza said in Tegucigalpa Friday that he would recommend the suspension of Honduras from the regional group due to its post-coup rulers' refusal to reinstate ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
You'll notice that these clowns have it down: a nation enforcing the law is a 'coup', and they must be forced to ignore their laws, or else. And listen to this BS:
"Zelaya is the only one that we recognize as Honduran President, and he must be returned to his position as soon as possible," Insulza said at a press conference.

"Honduras is exposed to an international sanction, because the world unanimously has declared this action as a violation of democracy. I have spoken with several people, and apparently no one wants to accept responsibility for what happened last weekend."

Gee, it's really nice for you to decide that Honduras should crap on it's Constitution just to make you and the Chavez puppet happy. And that 'several people' must not include the people in the legislature and Supreme Court who've said, loudly and in public, "We did this to enforce the law; no one, including the President, is above it."

Insulza, you're a fool. A power-hungry, arrogant little fool.

The response:
Enrique Ortez Colindres, foreign minister of Honduras' post-coup government, told media that the government would not negotiate with the OAS.

"We have a very firm position that we do not negotiate Honduras' sovereignty," Ortez said
To put it crudely , God-DAMN, I'd like to see more of that attitude in our government. Mr. Colindres, you're being cheered by a lot of people up here, no matter what our terrorist-appeasing, dictator-suckup President thinks.

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