Thursday, July 02, 2009

President Obama is a terrorist-appeasing bastard

Who's going to get more troops killed with this garbage.
About two weeks ago, the Obama administration released Laith Qazali after extensive negotiations with the Asaib al-Haq terror network. That network has long been in negotiations with the fledgling Iraqi government, dangling the possibility of laying down its arms, renouncing violence, and integrating into Iraqi society, provided that its top members — particularly Qais and Laith Qazali, as well as Ali Mussa Daqduq — be released. Realizing, however, that these terrorists were responsible for kidnapping and killing American soldiers in gross violation of the laws of war, the Bush administration had declined to release them.

The Obama administration has not only released Laith Qazali, it has been in negotiations to release his brother, Qais Qazali, as well. The negotiations and release were carried out in flagrant disregard of the longstanding policy against exchanging prisoners for the release of hostages. Undermining that policy endangers all American troops and civilian personnel — as well as the troops and civilian personnel of our allies — by encouraging terrorists to kidnap them to use as bargaining chips.

I guess this is the next step in his program of apologizing for America; turn loose people who murder our troops.

I've been blunt before, but tried to keep it in bounds; screw that. Obama doesn't give a crap about the lives of our troops, wants to suck up to tyrants and wants to screw over actual democratic governments. That's on top of pushing his own version of 'malaise' on us. This clown is going to wind up making Jimmy Carter look good in comparison.

And I'm wondering how many lives he's willing to throw away so he can play "I am the good Progressive President".

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