Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a proposal for the people who are pushing for 'smart guns':

when you specifically order law enforcement as well as us peasants to use them, maybe I'll believe you actually give a damn about 'safety' and such. Until then, you're just a bunch of clowns trying to make owning and using arms as difficult and expensive as possible.

And not caring if you get people killed because a gun couldn't be used when needed.

I was going to stop with the above, but let's just list some of the reasons someone could get killed bacause of this 'smart gun' garbage:
If it requires you to wear a magic bracelet,
the battery can die(two batteries, probably, bracelet and mechanism in gun);
the magic bracelet can be broken;
the magic bracelet can be torn off in a fight;
you might have to use the off-hand and the signal isn't reaching far enough;
your wife/husband/girlfriend/friend/partner might have to grab it to use.

If it's some super-duper next-generation fingerprint reader,
batteries again;
they're going to have wraparound sensors so you can use the off-hand?;
see above on someone else needing to use it.

Every time someone pushes this crap, and exempt LE from it, they're saying they don't care if it actually works, and don't think it will(or else why exempt LE?); they just want to screw gun owners, current and future.


Bob S. said...

How about we try this "smart technology" on the people proposing it first?

I suggest that they have everything in their homes, office and all their vehicles equipped with it before they require it of us.

If after 5 years, they still want to try it we'll put it up for a vote.

Let's see it in their cellphones, their razors, their toasters, their televisions....especially their remotes. I'm betting that it wouldn't last 5 months, much less 5 years.

BobG said...

I like the idea from Bob S. Make the proposers field test the technology first.