Thursday, May 28, 2009

If this is the actual 'what happened,

then this definitely counts as "Law Enforcement, Sorry Excuse For":
"As my partner was pulling onto the shoulder, the cruiser came alongside our unit and gestured for my driver to pull over," White says. "When the officer came to a complete stop behind the ambulance, I noticed a woman in the front seat. Based on the officer's erratic driving behavior, I thought that the woman in the front seat of the cruiser was in need of immediate medical attention; hence I exited the rear of the ambulance in order to assess the situation."

White says the officer was in a rage when he approached them and yelled "get your a-- back here! I am giving you a ticket for failure to yield." White says he told the trooper they had a patient in the ambulance and that they were on their way to the hospital.

I'm very much hoping there's more to this, because if there's not, then there's a OHP trooper who needs his attitude adjusted. Badly. The Chief's and Commissioner's offices must just be loving this.


Don Gwinn said...

Hard to say what really happened, but it sounds like a lot of it took place in the area that would be covered by a police cruiser's dash camera. Maybe some of the truth will come out.

As an ambulance driver, I've heard stories of some out-of-control cops who figure ambulances are more dangerous than they're worth.

But I've also known medics who've done things like run 70 miles per hour through our small town's main drag (no stop lights, two stop signs, two lanes, 30mph speed limit!) So I'm sure cops have their stories, too.

Fire said...

HHHMMMM, an ambulance with a sick person in it....I think they have the right to get to where they're going as fast as they can. Oh, and if there isn't a sick person in it, YET, I think they have the right to get to that SICK person as fast as they can. Something about saving that person's life that gives them that right.