Monday, September 08, 2008

The nannies are not going to be happy until everything is so 'safe'


What brought this current attack of @)(#&&&^!!!DAMMIT on is matches. Specifically, what used to be called 'strike anywhere' matches. Mainstay of survival kits and Boy Sprout projects because you could dip the ends in wax to waterproof them, and then strike them on a rock, or the side of a pan or on your jeans-clad leg.

Which you cannot find anymore. All I can find is nanny-approved matches that have to be struck on, and ONLY on, their super-secret-safety strip on the side of the damn box.

Back when they first started some of this nonsense, friend told me about the 'safe and and environmentally friendly oven cleaner'. As he put it "It doesn't smell bad, it won't burn your skin, it's non-toxic and it's non-working." Son told me after Basic that the newer, safer, 'environmentally-friendly' bore cleaner didn't clean worth a damn.

I swear, some of these clowns would prefer us all either locked up or dead so we'd be 'safe' enough to suit them.


Mattexian said...

I can still find the Strike Anywheres in my chain grocery store (HEB). I think the main reason a lot of stores don't carry them (from what I've gleaned from the non-conspiracy-theory corners of the Net) is that they are considered HazMat for shipping (brings to mind stories from the "good ol' days" of a match-safe full of Strike Anywheres going off from the matches rubbing against each other!) It's not a matter of "the Nannies" making us safer, it's the insurance companies (and their lawyers) trying to avoid paying out for damages.

Arthur said...

For non-toxic bore cleaner I use Gunzilla

Stuff works great, though how non-toxic it really is I have no idea. It cleans the fouling out of an AR very nicely and also found out that it absolutely demolishes whatever red plastic Lee uses for their die boxes and powder funnels.

Firehand said...

Matt, that may well be a part of it. I've also been told by a store I used to get them at that the safety people wanted to do away with them completely: just too 'unsafe' to be able to light them other than on the box. Combination of the two, I guess. I do have to say, having the match safe light off in the pack or pocket would be, ah, interesting.

Arthur, I don't WANT to melt my powder funnel. Or die boxes.

'Course, if it does that, it ought to do pretty well in a shotgun on wad and buffer fouling. I'll have to check it out.

Arthur said...

HAHA, Yeah I didn't want to melt my powder funnel either. I wanted to transfer some from a big bottle to a small spray bottle and couldn't and real funnels, so I thought what the hell, I'll wash it out with alcohol when I'm done. BAD move.

Doesn't seem to touch polyethylene though. So I don't know if it'll take care of wads or not.