Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I guess we could start referring to The Obama's stand on guns

as being 'New Jersey bad':
At a match a few months ago, I was talking to a guy who’s friend was in a lot of trouble because he and a buddy were target shooting on their property, when the police showed up and, at gunpoint, disarmed them and hauled them off to jail. He had his kids with him, and there was some worry he’d lose the kids, because they charged him with endangering them too. His crime? Possession of .22LR hollow point ammunition. A whole box of it. That’s worth a lot of time in New Jersey. You can buy that stuff easily out of state. Most folks have no idea it’s illegal.

Let's leave aside for now the police coming onto his property, etc. In jail, might lose his kids for having .22 hollowpoint ammo.

I swear, NJ is one of those places you could not pay me enough to live there.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard, it was $5,000and a year in jail - per round. Didn't anyone ever tell you that hollow-points can hurt someone? Or that only the police have the training to use them?
Which is among the reasons we haven't moved back "home".

Anonymous said...

the law makers don't get to listen to the shot critters complaining loudly about being shot with solid point .22