Sunday, September 07, 2008

A very nice light

When son was home on leave, he brought his home to show me, and I liked it. This is a very handy light. Clips onto a helmet(or whatever), blue or white light and a infrared emitter for showing up in night vision gear.

Two main switches on the back of the module. The one on top turns the emitter on and off. The bottom is a three position: center is off, top is blue, bottom is white. See the button on the side? Push it to cycle from low to medium to high intensity and back. Two blue and three white LEDs. Tried it out, and this thing puts out a LOT of light.

The knob that opens/closes the battery compartment also acts as a lockout switch; turn it one way and it disconnects the battery, so it can't accidentally be turned on(storage, travel) and run the battery down.

Some very nice stuff being put together out there.

I'll add that I found one of these lamps at a local dealer(just before they sold out again); it replaces the standard lamp on my G2 with the LED lamp. Ups the output to 80 lumens and gives up to 12 hours runtime on a set of batteries.

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