Thursday, September 11, 2008

I woke up with a headache

Whether weather or the day or what, I don't know. Feeding the dog, standing in the mist, thinking about this day a few years back.

To those who died, who'd just gone to work like every other day. Those who waited too long, and those who- because of damage or fire- couldn't get out, whatever you believed, may you have peace.

To those like Rick Rescorla, out of uniform and in, who kept working up until they died to get people out; the people who stayed there keeping others moving, shepherding them out; the firemen and cops who went up into a building damaged and on fire to get people out. Especially the second tower, after the first had collapsed. Some of you were, without question, first class bastards in some ways; in any group you've got them. But you died doing your job, and I don't really care about the rest. God keep you.

To the people like the FBI supervisor who wouldn't even apply for a warrant to go through Moussoui's computer, because you were too worried about being 'insensitive' or having your little hand slapped for intolerance or whatever, and the other FBI and CIA people who didn't do their work as they should: I wish you a long life, remembering every damn day that people died, many horribly because YOU DIDN'T DO YOUR DAMN JOB.

To the politicians who made the work of putting things together harder because they thought law enforcement and intelligence gathering had to be PC and done in a 'properly sensitive' way, and wanted to suck up to the tofu-munching kumbaya-singing idiots who have money and votes: I hope you someday truly realize what you did and who many died partly because of it, and remember it every day.

To the people who, whether for actual belief or just because it was 'expedient' to give money or hiding & training places or intelligence to the mass-murderers, and to the scum-in-a-septic-tank who murdered so many that day: you're the kind of people who make me hope there is a Hell, because you belong in a very unpleasant corner of it.

To the network executives who decreed that video of people falling from windows and other unpleasantness from that day couldn't be shown again because it was too 'upsetting', but have no problem showing anything they can find that makes our troops look bad, saying anything that makes our country sound; you suck. You are miserable little suckass bastards and I hope someday you pay a price for it.

To the politicians and activists who couldn't even let a statue to those emergency workers who died that day be put up without trying to change it to be 'politically correct'; who couldn't let a museum be built without trying to turn it into a moral-equivalence tirade about the Evils of the U.S.; who can't let construction happen to rebuild the site because YOU CAN'T STOP TRYING TO CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS AND LIVES TO SUIT YOUR SENSITIVITIES, YOU SUCK.

The the politically-correct, U.S.-hating, conspiracy-theory-believing communist and anarchist and socialist assholes who couldn't wait to blame the U.S. for 9/11, who never find a good thing to say about this country, who despise our troops: I wish you a chance to actually live in the country you say you'd love to have; BUT IT WON'T BE HERE. Over our dead bodies, and not even then you miserable little shits.

To everyone who showed up to help, to work and sweat and cough in the dust and bleed assisting in the rescue and recovery work: thank you. That's not enough of a way to say it, but there's not really one.

To the people who looked at this and decided something needed to be done about it and signed their name and took the oath: thank you. Some of you have died, some have been crippled, all have sweated and suffered, every one of you who've been in combat have been terrified and enraged, and I don't have any words adequate to really say thank you.

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Fire said...

Firehand, this is a very nice tribute. Beautifully written. May God bless all who suffered and will continue to suffer from the loss of their loved ones.