Friday, September 12, 2008

I didn't watch the interview last night,

both because of being busy at work and, as a general rule, ignoring most political TV crap. Just as well; from what I'm reading, Charlie Gibson seemed to have done a nice job of proving A: how in the tank for The Obama the major media is, B: how freakin' unprepared(didn't understand what she actually said, etc.) Gibson was, or C: both. And the crap-throwing monkeys are in full cry, of course. It's pretty much correct that Treacher has part of the text of the next interview.

And, on the subject of crap-throwing screechers. I said the other day some of these people are out of their freakin' minds, and they just keep acting to prove me correct. And I wonder if Cohen is really comfortable taking his lead for talks on the House floor from these people?

Aw, crap. Further down at Ace I found this: which is downright pathetic. ABC edited out Gibson's error. And these clowns wonder why people don't trust them?

In local news, we've had a bunch of rain the last couple of days. All the heavy and flooding has been further west, but we've had enough to keep things wet, which means the grass is growing like it's preparing a place for the lions to hide after they get out of the zoo. Looks like no rain since sometime during the night, but it still way too wet to mow, which means the grass gets taller and by the time it IS dry enough I'll have to wonder if the Gaboon viper got out with the lions and tagged along to hide in the grass.

Speaking of lions, went to the zoo a couple of days ago. If you live in the area and haven't been there in a while, you ought to go; they've been working hard on the place over the last decade or so, and it's pretty nice. A while back I wrote about the Oklahoma Trail section with local native species(except the pheasant), there's a big area for the monkeys and apes and the Cat Forest for the felines. Two of the female lions were down near the mesh(this area's surrounded by wire mesh fencing, better viewing and I imagine less expensive than bar-type fencing), and the male, with fine bushy mane, was on the high ground above. Lady with several kids in a wagon stopped to look at them and said, in a slightly awed tone, "They're bigger than I thought they were." I told her a big male(like the one looking down on us) could get to over 400 pounds, and the kids loved it. No, I did not tell them about their people-munching activities. Looking a those cats, it's amazing humans in Africa managed to cause enough respect for the lions to not, in general, take humans as a general foodstuff: facing one with a rifle at close range would be bad, if all you had was a spear and shield...

Back to weather. Damn near the whole state is under a flash flood watch through Sunday, due to A: the remnants of a Pacific storm that caused all the rain(and some flooding out west) the last couple of days, and B: the expected passing of Ike after he travels through Texas. Looking at the projected track, after flushing Texas it's going to affect- assuming the track is right- most of eastern OK as it goes. Which means toad-floater-level rains and lots of flooding. If the track shifts a bit west, it means most of the state getting heavy rains out of it, including the places already having problems out west. Kind of like having part of the scary-level storm surge skip Texas and migrate here. Nasty storm.

Oh, jeez. I did hear about Matt Damon's idiot commentary, now I see he seems to have based it on a parody. That he didn't get was a parody. Headline: "Actor makes idiot statements; nobody surprised".

This elbow problem sucks. I can't mess with my guitar, because the motions of fretting are just right to annoy it, and even if it wasn't so damn wet I couldn't work on much because of it. I discovered that shooting bothers it, too; the motions and tension of two-handed pistol shooting bother it. Which meant enough of that to zero and try out the fiber-optic sights, then switch to a .22 and do some one-handed shooting. Which I actually like. A good .22 is, as many have mentioned, one of the best tools around for working on your form and concentration, and you can do it for not much cost since even higher-grade .22 ammo is relatively cheap. And I don't use the high-dollar($10-18/box) match stuff for this. Hell, I haven't used any of that, except for that one box, in the rifles at longer ranges.

Speaking of .22's, went by a local shop(Outdoor America) the other day while doing some grocery shopping, and they've got a couple of Walther Olympic free pistols. It's a shock to look at a .22 pistol and see a $1600 price tag.

And I ran across this at Rachel's place the other day: the head of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Canada is worried that people seeing the Palin family treating Trig just like a baby will cause a drop in women aborting babies who may have Downs. Just wonderful, isn't it?


Thud said...

Regardless of the interviewer Palin die well...and will only get stronger....a very clever quick woman it seems.

Firehand said...

It do seem so. I think that's part of what's driving the moonbats so over the wall: she's smart, she's tough, she's pretty and she's not one of them.

Anonymous said...

...Matt Damon's idiot commentary, now I see he seems to have based it on a parody.
You know Matt Damon was born in Cambridge, MA and 'went to Harvard', right?   ;-)