Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fr. Frog's Guidelines

are found here. Including
1) Beware of the man with one gun.
2) Fancy guns, sights, and gadgetry do not make up for a lack of marksmanship.
3) If you can't do it with a .30-06 you probably can't do it with anything else.
4) If you can't do it with a 2 MOA firearm you probably can't do it with anything else.
5) Sight picture and trigger control are life.
6) Practice, practice, practice!
7) A close miss is still a miss.
8) Smoothness first, the speed will come.
9) Inconsequential increments are meaningless.
10) Most gun writers are pathological liars.



1) Don't overdo the seasonings.
2) An unwatched pot usually boils over.
3) Simple, hearty food, is the best--especially when shared with friends.
4) A day without red wine is not a complete day.
5) Fresh baked bread negates the cholesterol in butter.
6) Use fresh ingredients.
7) The most critical ingredient in a recipe you are working on is the one you ran out of last week.
8) Electric stoves keep cooking once the burner is turned off.
9) Homemade cinnamon buns are considered a health food.
10) Use real butter.

Had forgotten about these.

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