Friday, March 07, 2008

Anyone who thinks you can negotiate with Hamas

is a fool. And unless the Palistinian Authority actually does something to stomp on Hamas & Co., it's a waste of time and blood with them, too.
There was no immediate comment from the Israeli government, which mounted a major offensive in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip last week but which pledged after Thursday's shooting to push on with peace negotiations with Hamas's secular rivals in the West Bank.

Friggin' IDIOTS. Hamas shoots rockets constantly into Israel and if the Israelis have the nerve to actually do something about it, whines about (you know it's coming) how they're the victims of Jewish aggression. Etc. And makes heroes out of murderers like this.

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Fire said...

I can negotiate with Hamas.

We'll discuss whether I want to use the .45 or the .308. Either way, I get some practice in...and I save the world from some terrorists.