Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Comrades! I got one!

TT33, that is

After trying that one out a while back, and doing a lot of ditheringsome thinking, I decided to get one, having some of my tax refund available. So last week I hied myself off to the AIM site and ordered one(holy crap! I just looked at AIM to link to their pistols, and the TT33's are gone!), which came in yesterday.

It's just like the one I posted on, and in just as nice condition: good finish, bore is bright with sharp rifling, and a fairly amazing trigger for a military sidearm. Amazingly, it was not coated with cosmoline, just a heavy coat of oil inside and out, easy to clean off and replace with a known oil, and appropriate grease on the sear & hammer and frame & slide rails. Came with a holster(in quite good condition), lanyard and a spare mag. You can tell the difference between the original mag and the spare: the original slips in, locks, and slips out nicely, the spare binds some and will need some fitting. Ammo coming in, so should be able to fire it the next day or two.

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