Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let's see how well gun ownership controls are working in Britain,

that star of the Brady Bunch and VPC dreams.

Not very well.
The rise of violent crime was highlighted yesterday when it was revealed that children as young as eight have been caught with guns.

The searches by police officers in Greater Manchester, which has been plagued by gang shootings, even discovered a machine gun hidden under the bed of a ten-year-old boy.

It is believed that some of the children had been asked to look after handguns for gang members because they are too young to be charged.

Others claimed the weapons belonged to their mother or father or other close relatives.

According to a senior police source, the ten-year-old kept the sub-machine gun in the bedroom of his house in South Manchester. It was not loaded.

But, but handguns are banned! And shotguns and rifles highly restricted! This is unpossible!

Lucy Cope, from Mothers Against Guns, said: "The consequences of an inquisitive eight-year-old getting their hands on a gun do not bear thinking about."

Professor Peter Squires of the Gun Control Network, which campaigns for tighter controls on guns of all kinds, said: "In the more troubling cases serious offenders will have given young children guns to carry because they are off the surveillance radar."

Uh, Ms. Cope and Professor? You're doing what Kevin refers to as "Do it again, only harder!" And it won't work any better in the future than it does now.

We do have to consider that it may be something reported as a 'sub-machine gun' as opposed to an actual sub-gun but in either case the fact remains that on an island, with handguns- let along automatic weapons- banned, and so much as a .22 rifle heavily restricted, they can't keep the crooks from getting guns. And yet people like Obama and Clinton & Co. think the way Britain has gone is THE way to go.


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Anonymous said...

And what would Obama and Clinton do staring down the barrel of a gun? Would they wish to themselves that they had a firearm on their person? Or would they say, "HHHHHHEEEEEEEEYYYY, this is a "Gun Free" zone, you can't have that here". A lotta good that'll do.

Flippin' IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!