Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Range report: TT33

Made it to the range today with a box of S&B 7.62x25 ball and a couple of targets. This is the first three magazines plus one round, total of 25 rounds at ten yards

I have to call those three high as my fault. Went through the box with no misfeeds, FTEs or anything else. As mentioned before, it handles the recoil of the cartridge very nicely, and I think either better light or some paint on the front sight would've kept two of those flyers in the black.

The one thing that gave me trouble is this is so similar to a 1911, but the differences sneak up on you. I kept trying to thumb the safety, for instance, when the safety on this one is in a far different place. And the grip is shorter, which made for a bit of fumbling and adjusting. One thing it does share with the 1911 is a good trigger. The Romanians spent some time putting the fire control group together properly: long take-up, then a clean, light break. I think this thing is capable of better accuracy at, say, 25 yards than I am.

Shut up. No commentary on that last needed.

Overall, a very nice pistol. I'll find some international orange paint to touch up the front sight, and I'm wondering how either handloads with the Hornady XTP bullet or the Wolf Gold hollowpoints shoot in it. 90-grain XTP at 1400-1500fps, that'd leave a mark.


Anonymous said...

Hey, every firearm I have or have ever had is capable of better accuracy than I am!
Olde Force

Conservative Scalawag said...

I gotta a buddy who has a cz52, even though the TT33 is better, I would not mind having either one. Particularly the TT33 for a nice carry gun. Nice shooting by the way, enjoy the not member of the collection.

Firehand said...

CZ52 is an interesting gun. Vault-strong action, but I'm told the chamber is thin on the bottom and it doesn't handle hot loads well. And, like the 33, capable of surprising accuracy.