Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just checked AIM,

no TT33 pistols as noted earlier; I must have gotten one of the last. Damn, glad I didn't take more time to decide. They've got CZ82 and 1895 Nagant pistols, and some 59/66 SKS rifles among other long guns. SOG and J&G both shows TT33's still in stock. SOG shows CZ52 pistols, also, only place I've seen them in a while.

Hmmm, Military Gun Supply has CZ52 pistols listed. They've got K31 rifles, too.

Ammo, AIM has a lot, Samco has the brass-case Yugo 7.62x39, in boxes or on strippers. Ah, they've got K31's too, Very Good and Special Select; the Excellent show sold out. Have some 59/66 rifles, too.

AIM also has this up at the top:
03/03/2008 Important Shipping Delay Notice
Due to high order volume we are currently experiencing a slight delay in shipping. Please allow for an additional 1-3 working days for us to process your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Damn, you'd think people were buying a lot of stuff for some reason.


Arthur said...

"Samco has the brass-case Yugo 7.62x39, in boxes or on strippers."

Brass case, but Berdan primed so not much use.

Firehand said...

True, not reloadable. I got some of this a couple of years back, it's good stuff. If only boxer primed, or berdan primers were available.

aggromonster said...

Not true. Berdan primers are available. Just google Berdan primers, and you will find a few resources. There are still three things that keep that brass from being reloaded successively, in a manner cost competitive with new steel case.

1) You are apt to have to pay for hazmat shipping on the primers if you pick the wrong supplier.

2) You still have to get the old primer out. Water pressure has worked for others.

3) The primer anvil inside the case tends to wear out, and I know of no rule of thumb for checking what will work or not work to determine before reloading a cartridge.

Firehand said...

I should have said 'affordably available'. I found a guy on Gunbroker.com who carries them, but by the time you add the Hazmat fee on it's about $60-65 per thousand, more than double the price of Boxer primers.