Thursday, March 06, 2008

Remember: this is one of the people Obama

has worked with:
The Weathermen claimed credit for 25 bombings over the next several years. They set bombs at the rebuilt Haymarket statue; a bathroom at the Pentagon; the Capitol barber shop; the New York City police headquarters; and a variety of other targets.

Dohrn's husband, Bill Ayers confessed that the bomb that killed the aforementioned Weather Underground members in New York was an anti-personnel weapon filled with nails and screws that would have killed or injured many at the Fort Dix dance. Ayers has recently, publicly acknowledged his feeling that his group should, in his opinion, have set off even more bombs.

And the miserable bastard is teaching at the University of Illinois.

And speaking of violent leftists, check this and this out:
Since writing previously, I've learned that the folks trying to screw up the liberalpalooza have their own website: Recreate The site is set up to facilitate communications between protesters, and help them with planning. It includes a primer on 'Direct Action.' The first part is devoted to an argument over semantics -- trying to explain how Direct Action is different from terrorism. Then they assert that while it's not terrorism, 'it is violent:'

To say that it is violent to destroy the machinery of a slaughterhouse or to break windows belonging to a party that promotes war is to prioritize property over human and animal life. This objection subtly validates violence against living creatures by focusing all attention on property rights and away from more fundamental issues.

Oh, it's gonna be interesting in Denver.


Thud said...

The left will always forgive one of their own of any crime...and later there will always be a safe well paid (public money)refuge.there is no crime other than disagreeing with their worldview the left will not condemn.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much the link, and the additional information. You have a wonderful site!

Firehand said...

Why, thank you, miss!