Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have now tried the stuff

Gerry recommended, and it ain't bad.

What I found was Glen Garioch ten year old(the store didn't have eight). Not bad a'tall. Not as smooth as the Glenfiddich I mentioned, but quite a good flavor.

One of the things I found out a long time ago is that I will know if a whiskey is worth drinking(for me) by the aroma: if I take a sniff and my body goes "EEECH, GET IT AWAY!" then it doesn't matter how old it is or how much it cost, I won't taste it; if I do my body will make me look like I have a palsy for a few moments. I pulled the cork on this and took a sniff and my mouth started watering. Which is a good sign.

I'm not sure how to describe the difference between the two, but it's definately there. Not a bad thing, just different. Another good whiskey for sipping on.

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