Monday, January 29, 2007

Kim looks forward to the Glorious DayTM,

but if this crap keeps up it'll have to include full-scale battles of maneuver:
Children will be taught race relations and multiculturalism with every subject they study -from Spanish to science - under controversial changes to the school curriculum announced by the Government.

In music and art, they could have to learn Indian and Chinese songs and instruments, and West African drumming • 'School drop-outs regret leaving'

In maths and science, key Muslim contributions such algebra and the number zero will be emphasised to counter Islamophobia.

And in English, pupils will study literature on the experiences of migration - such as Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth, or Brick Lane, by Monica Ali.

So shortly after Tony Effin' Blair seems to have awakened to the fact that his dear multi-culti bullshit is working on destroying Britain, at least some of his various minions haven't gotten the word.

Under the recommendations - put forward in a report by former headmaster Sir Keith Ajegbo -teachers will be expected to make 'explicit references to cultural diversity' in as many subjects as possible....

And let us not forget the more blatant bowing down to the enemy:
IN A move widely seen to be bowing to Muslim pressure, Bolton Council has scrapped its Holocaust Memorial Day event.

The council is to replace it with a Genocide Memorial Day in June. This is in line with the policy of the Muslim Council of Britain, which continues to boycott HMD and is asking for a Genocide Day, which will also mark "the ongoing genocide and human rights abuses of Palestinians" by Israelis.

The council decision was made in consultation with the town's Interfaith Council.

Well, at least the 'Interfaith Council was consulted.

But Rabbi Joseph Lever of United Synagogue who has participated in the Bolton event for around three years was not consulted on the decision. He said: "I mourn the fact that the Holocaust Memorial Day event will not take place in Bolton this year."

Louis Rapaport, president of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, was equally disappointed that the Jewish community was not consulted.

Mr. Free Market, The Englishman and others better lay in some ammo. Before the Brit government decides that any Subject of the Crown having arms(except for the muslims who'll be excepted; but hell, they're not really SotC anyway) is a 'violation of multiculturalist norms' or some damn thing.

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