Thursday, February 01, 2007

James and his pepperbox post

reminded me of something. His post is here, with a very good picture and description of the beast. What it reminded me of was a scene in Rooster Cogburn and the Lady. I borrowed the DVD and found it. Rooster is handing this to a youngster to help protect the lady(Kathryn Hepburn, damn fine actress). He describes it thusly:

I got me a .22 pepperbox here. Now, this thing shoots five times, sometimes all at once. It is called a 'ladies companion', and that is what I intend it be used for when I leave you two off.

Back in Fort Smith there's a sportin' lady named Big Fay; she was shot twice with this thing. But, she dresses out at about two hundred and ninety, so none of the bullets found their way to any of the vitals. But against ordinary people this gives good service.

One of those scenes that stuck in my mind.

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