Sunday, January 28, 2007

No, not much in the way of range stuff lately,

or forging work. It's too cold outside for the rifle range to be fun, same for forging, and haven't done anything new with handguns or shotguns lately other than the Webley cylinder and buckshot loads.

One of the side effects of old injuries and general wear is my hands get stiff in the cold, which makes trying to do stuff in the garage chancy: I do not like working with power tools, or sharp hand tools, when my hands have a fair chance of slipping or something else nasty happening. Which sucks. Up until a couple of years ago I'd save up things like fitting guards to blades for cold weather; now I'm afraid I'll screw it up. So no pics of that stuff for a while.

And I'm out of whiskey, too. Which has nothing to do with the above except that it pisses me off as well. My favorite of the type, Glenfiddich Solera Reserve. The only fifteen-year-old legal for me. I'm not a snob on booze, if I like it that's what counts, which is the problem here because a: not many places carry it and b: it is NOT inexpensive booze. Mind you, a bottle will last me at least three months(just a shot now & then) so it's not terrible. Except this close to the end of the month.

I'll throw in something I once read, that on scotch anything above fifteen years you're paying for snob appeal. From the stuff I've tasted, they weren't kidding. I will say there's a definate difference between ten or twelve years and fifteen, so I save up for the good stuff.

Ah well, taking naproxyn for the back & leg, I probably shouldn't be drinking this stuff anyway.

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