Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One of the problems

with "I'll vote Democrat to kick the Republicans in the ass" is the slight problem that while I have no problem kicking the Rs in the ass, I don't want to kick myself in the balls in the process.

A good look at what will happen if the Democrats take both houses of Congress is this: Navy 'too weak' for big role in Korea blockade.

But senior Royal Navy officers last night cast serious doubt over Britain's ability to make a significant naval contribution to the proposed UN force, claiming that drastic cuts in government spending on the navy over the past decade had severely reduced their ability to participate in major foreign operations.

"I am staggered that the Government is trying to make this commitment when it knows what our Armed Forces are going through," a senior Royal Navy officer last night told The Daily Telegraph.

Take one good look at the record and words of Pelosi and Schumer & Co. and try to tell me they don't want to do the same thing to our Navy and Army and AF and Marines. That bastard Rangel- who will be head of the House Finance Committee if they take over- has flatly said he wants to cut off funding for the war. With troops in the field fighting the enemy, this piece of crap wants to cut off their ammo and food and medical supplies and everything. And he and his little friends will do that to every branch of the military. Which will eventually put us here:

But senior navy officers expressed deep concern about their ability to defend their ships against a hostile missile or fighter threat after a decision was enforced six months ago to scrap the Sea Harrier fighter.

As a result of government cutbacks any British ships deployed to the South China Sea to enforce the UN resolution would depend on the American or French navies to provide "beyond visual range" air defence with their aircraft carriers.
Except WE won't have that "beyond visual range" capacity either.

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