Sunday, October 15, 2006

General news roundup and thoughts

Hit a couple of Brit newspapers, and found a number of things:
Police want spy planes to patrol troubled estates, due to 'anti-social behaviour'. Like Earlier this month, a 60-year-old grandmother had to flee her Liverpool home when it was surrounded by a baying mob after she was identified as a witness in attempts to serve Asbos on a group of youths. Which I'd have thought would be a crime like witness intimidation or something.

Tories accuse Muslims of 'creating apartheid by shutting themselves off
, David Davis, the shadow home secretary, says that Britain risks social and religious divisions so profound that society's very foundations, such as the freedom of speech, will become "corroded" and that the perfect conditions for home-grown terrorism will be created. Two other bits from this summarize things nicely:
He said: "There is a growing feeling that the Muslim community is excessively sensitive to criticism, unwilling to engage in substantive debate. Much worse, is the feeling of some Muslim leaders that as a community they should be protected from criticism, argument, parody, satire and all the other challenges in a society that has free speech as its highest value. It is straightforward. I respect your religion, you respect mine and we all respect our laws. No special treatment." Responded to by the other side as:
Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "No group in modern Britain has been as systematically vilified in recent years in the media as British Muslims. To say this is to state a clear fact, it is not to be 'excessively sensitive' as Mr Davis suggests. We all as a society ought to uphold the right to free speech. However, that includes the right to protest peacefully against vilification and abuse."

I would point out to the Muslim Council that threatening to kill anybody who criticizes Islam and Muhammed doesn't quite count as 'peaceful protest', and pushing for laws to ban any criticism of your faith doesn't count as fairness, either.

On the subject of 'respecting all religeons' we have British Airways telling a lady she can't wear a crucifix, while It makes exceptions for Muslim and Sikh minorities by allowing them to wear hijabs and turbans.

Under rules drawn up by BA's 'diversity team' and 'uniform committee', Sikh employees can even wear the traditional iron bangle - even though this would usually be classed as jewellery - while Muslim workers are also allowed prayer breaks during work time.

And one more on specifically British issues, a piece of idiocy called Muslims are the new Jews. Oh yes, the calls for muslims to be sent to camps and gassed are in all the papers, haven't you heard? What? Oh, never mind, that's just in their worldview. Something about 'criticize islam or call us violent and we'll kill you' seems to be what we mostly hear about.

On the Norks we have this wonderful piece of news: THE North Korean regime’s obsession with racial purity has led to the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions for women suspected of conceiving their babies by Chinese fathers, according to a growing body of testimony from defectors.

The latest description of Kim Jong-il’s policy of state eugenics came from a North Korean doctor, Ri Kwang-chol, who escaped last year and told a forum in Seoul that babies with deformities were killed soon after birth.
Last time somebody did crap like this it tended to be by that Hitler fellow, and he specifically wanted to wipe out Jews as the start. But there's no muslims involved, so at least the writer for the Times can relax.

And I've got to end with this from the Telegraph, Edwards discovers the common touch. It seems that John Edwards(aka The Silky Pony), Mr Edwards, the Democrats' vice-presidential nominee in their narrow 2004 defeat, has staked out a position to the Left of Mrs Clinton as a critic of the Iraq war. and ...whose boyish looks and southern charm have earned him comparisons to Presidents Kennedy and Clinton... and In November 2005 in a move that boosted Mr Edwards's credibility with grassroots Democrats, he repudiated his senate vote authorising the use of force in Iraq and called for the withdrawal of US troops.

So once again we're going to hear about the 'working class' upbringing of this clown and he has made the eradication of poverty in America the centrepiece of his political manifesto and unashamedly positioned himself as the voice of the trade union movement, espousing traditional Democrat causes such as universal health care to the delight of many grassroots activists. and so forth. Which translates to "I'm going to suck up to the unions and the far-left nutcases and stick the governments hand so far into your pocket you'll have to petition for money to pay the rent, but hey, I'm already rich from being a scum-sucking lawyer who channels the spirit of dead children and my money is in tax shelters, so I'm not worried."

No, I don't like the bastard.

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