Friday, October 20, 2006

In case Kim can't get to it, here's a Righteous Shooting

Masked Man Meets Match, or as I would put it, "Don't (bleep) with the ladies".

Dirtbag enters liquor store and demands money from 84-year old lady as owners wife walks in. "My wife told him his ski mask was crooked, she can't stand things like that, and to get on the other side of the counter and she'd give him the money," said Bob Almond, owner of the liquor store who was at home at the time.

"He told her he was going to blow her heart out," Almond said. "She's just had a triple bypass, and she told him it wasn't very good anyway."
Ever heard a nicer way of telling someone to kiss your ass?

Sheila Almond opened the cash register to get the money and pulled out a .38 revolver and shot the robber in the shoulder. He continued to go for the money.

When the shot didn't slow the assailant down, Almond got reinforcements. She told an employee to "Bring her Baby, that's what we call the shotgun," her husband said.

Sheila Almond then shot the robber in the abdomen.

If you ain't cheering, what's wrong with you?

Guy Wade Buck, 50, was flown to a Texarkana hospital and remains in critical condition, according to OSBI.

And just to top it off? The gun turned out to be a plastic air gun, OSBI officials said.

I know, he's not dead. At least not yet. But he definately counts as stomped on.

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