Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Don't make me kill you on a Friday"

That was one of the things an armed robber and murderer-to-be told a travel agent in Britain.

Mr Khokar, 28, a Muslim, said that Shah later announced: “I’m going to walk out of here with the money and I’m going to kill someone as well. Don’t make me kill you on a Friday.” He explained to Newcastle Crown Court that Friday was “the day of worship for every Muslim, a day of worship and a day of rest.”

Within minutes of issuing his threat, it is alleged that Shah — with two accomplices — left the premises and fired two shots from close range, hitting two unarmed women police officers who were outside the travel agents in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

So the holy day should not be sullied with murder- unless it's a cop about to arrest you- but armed robbery is just peachy. Ol' Muhammed would be proud.

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