Monday, October 16, 2006

Here's another good site

found through the usual roundabout.

Kim was talking about a forthcoming business trip which would mean a chance to meet someone in Tokyo whose site had a mention of a movie with breathtakingly Bad Movie Physics which leads to The Intuitor, which has a whole section on said Bad Physics.

Lots of good stuff there. It may help next time I get into one of those arguments.
Me: Cars don't explode when they hit something.
Them: Yes they do.
Me: Not possible.
Them: They why does it say the car 'burst into flames'? Huh? Huh?
Me: The tank ruptured and it caught fire, that doesn't mean it !(&*# exploded!
Them: Yes it does!
And so forth.

Ever have one of those with somebody? They saw some piece of idiocy in a movie, often involving firearms, and when you point out what BS it is, the fight's on. Or, in my case, some piece of absolute crap about swords or smithing.

In any case, good site(s) worth checking out. Now I just hope it stops raining enough that I can make it to the library before I have to head to work. Hoping that it won't be dripping all over me as I ride to work, for that matter.

Additional: by the way, I don't care who told you they saw a film, a katana CAN NOT cut through a gun barrel.

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