Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, I'm cleaned out for the weekend

Physically, due to lunch. I was taking care of some things and since I was nearby decided to try a Thai restaurant on 23rd near the capitol. By the time lunch was over I'd gone through about 1/4 of a tree in napkins to blow my nose and wipe off my face. No, not with the same napkins. If you asked me what I had I'd have to reply "Uh, vegetables and meat cooked together" because nothing was labeled. I have discovered two things about Thai cooking:
Yes, some of it IS that hot, and
Damn, it was good.

Happily, the first place I hit after that was the library, which has a bathroom, because my system informed me of the need to purge itself. I don't think it etched the porcelain in the bowl, but I didn't look all that close.

Speaking of hot, apparently I raise wussy habanero chilis. The plant I had last year and this one both. Don't get me wrong, they're hot, and they add a wonderful flavor to things, but they're more 'good hot jalapeno' hot than "I'm comin', Elizabeth!" hot. I mean, habaneros are supposed to be 'eat one and you could blow Andrew Sullivan and not have to worry about social diseases' hot, and these aren't. Not that I'd want to do that in any case.

These were just labeled 'habenero', so the places that carry them here may have the mild-to-standard level chilis instead of the 'death to the gringos' varieties. I'll have to check next spring and maybe order some of the more WMD variety to see how they come out.

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