Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've been trying to figure out how to put this

so it wouldn't look like I was either sucking up, hoping for free stuff, or possibly causing somebody to send them messages along the line of "Hey, where's MY stuff?".

However, I've decided this should be mentioned in any case. Among other things, I think most of the people who read this mess I put down are not the types to do such a thing.

In any case: at one time during Basic my son wrote to his mother and told her, among other things, that he wished he had some Gun Juice to use on his M16(A2 version; they only used the-A4 when training with the optical sight). So I wrote to Microlon and told them they could consider this a testimonial; Son remembered how well it worked on various firearm uses for our guns, and that when he was out of training and going to God knows where I wanted to get a 4oz. can for him.

The gentleman who answered said to contact him directly and he'd give me a break on the price. Woohoo! So when he graduated Basic I decided to order it so it'd be ready when the time came. Sent to the gentleman and said 'I want to go ahead and order it, how much for the can and shipping?" Response: "You've been fair in your reviews, good and bad, and besides, we like to support the troops", gave me a real break on the price AND threw in some of the assembly lubricant.

Not being connected with any professional publication and not having any advertising on this blog, I've been quite free to call something a piece of crap or good or in-between depending on what my personal results have been and word from other users without worrying about messing up a 'relationship' with anyone. This is both from personal use and their actions here: these are good folks.

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