Thursday, October 19, 2006

The World Council of Churches sticks its fat behind out again

and farts out this mess. One of the warning signs:Secondly, some civil society organizations have called for a moratorium on nanotech research and new commercial products until such time as laboratory protocols and regulatory regimes are in place to protect workers and consumers, and until these materials are shown to be safe. Emphasis mine.

I think that's called the 'precautionary principle': everything must be proven 'safe' before it's allowed. And it's one of the most idiotic and dangerous concepts around. How the hell do you prove something 'safe'? Especially when the people in charge can change the definition as it suits them? That alone is a recipe to destroy research.

And here's the kicker: The international community must create a new United Nations body with the mandate to track, evaluate and accept or reject new technologies and their products through an International Convention on the Evaluation of New Technologies (ICENT).

So a bunch of socialists who want to destroy research also want the UN to be in control of new tech and products? Surprise, surprise. And say goodbye to progress.

I think it was Poul Anderson(correction: Kevin reminds me it was Jerry Pournelle) wrote some books in the 60's that involved the CoDominium; basic idea was that the Soviets and us had divided everything up- in the name of 'stability'- and had- also in the holy name of stability- restricted all research: anyone found doing 'military-related' research without a government permit went to prison. And surprise, surprise, technology began to stagnate because when you really look at it almost anything could be said to be 'military-related'. So if you didn't have government approval you could find yourself arrested for doing research into whatever if some bureaucrat decided you'd violated the law, and if you go the permit it meant having a watcher over your shoulder every moment to see if you somehow violated those rules.

That's what the Euroweenies and luddites and Council of Churches wants, government weenies- from the UN no less- watching scientists for any sign of not holding to the precautionary principle or doing 'non-approved' research so they can control all research AND what 'products' are allowed to the peasants.

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