Sunday, October 15, 2006

I was originally going to be down in Texas this weekend,

but due to transport troubles(not related to being rear-ended last week) wasn't able to do it. So got some stuff around the house and yard taken care of.

Today it's raining outside, started sometime during the night and hasn't stopped since. Nothing severe, varying from moderate to light, and temperature isn't cold. Just nothing can be done outside, so I've been cleaning inside and going through stuff. Until I decided this would be a good time to open a bottle of Dad's home brew.

He's not as much into experimenting as Steve, he's got a good recipe and sticks with it. I have to say, if I'd had any plans for intricate work they went out the window. This stuff will sneak up behind you and whack you good. As evidenced that I've had to backspace and correct a lot of spelling errors in the last few minutes.

Son called last night and spent about an hour on the phone. Mind you, he had his pc on an earplug on one side and a headset on the other talking to me, so I couldn't get too boring. Short version: classes started this week on his MOS, and the current DI is a bastard on PT. Also the further note that in Basic some guy offered to eat a (something) for the highest bid and got $25 bucks. As I recall anyway, I'm kind of fuzzy right now.

There was a small gun show in town this weekend, went by yesterday. Lots to look at, but the one guy that had what I'm really looking for- M1 Carbine parts- had prices that were slightly insane. So I'll see what I can find at Tulsa next weekend.

And now, if you'll excuse me,. I think I'll finish this glass and do something requiring very little in the way of motor skills.

I should also add, I tried Anarchangel's cookie recipe. Or his wife's recipie, whichever. Cut in half. The recipe, not the wife. Whatever. It was not bad at all. I think I'll have another to dilute the effect of the beer Dad brews.

And at this point I think the fact that I can type, let alone correct spelling errors, out to count for something.

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