Friday, June 14, 2024

There's not two FBIs: there are some agents who are honest

and do not abuse their authority, and there's all the rest:
"Why, it almost seems like there are two different FBIs running around out there. One seeks to respect Americans’ civil liberties while the other is the tool of a state inching closer and closer toward tyranny.

That is, of course, unless you recognize that there’s just one FBI and they’re playing for a particular team. They’re respectful of the free speech rights of a group glorifying terrorism because those terrorists are supported by all the right people in government.

Meanwhile, they’ll hunt down every grandma who took an unguided tour of the Capitol for a whopping 10 minutes as if they’re Osama bin Laden.

Honestly, this is disgusting and FBI reform needs to be at the top of any to-do list for incoming lawmakers if we want to take them seriously. The FBI is well on its way to becoming a new Gestapo or KGB when it comes to domestic issues, and we should all be terrified of that."
We are.  Except for those who dream of it because they assume they'll be in charge of it.


Anonymous said...

Once that basket has turned rotten you might be able to save a few. Usually it is best to throw it all out with the basket and start a new if you really want another problem like that. The democrat stazi only begins with the FBI. It has infected most important positions needed to control the masses. This evil has lied its way into power across the world and is doing remarkably well.

Anonymous said...

It won't happen. There's a reason Epstein's Island list was never made public and never prosecuted. Blackmail is so much more rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, ALL CORRUPT, all should go dircto GITMO. PERIOD.

Dan said...

The FBI is just like regular cops. There are bad ones who break laws and do evil things. And there are the ones who watch the bad ones break laws and do evil things. And do NOTHING about it. That makes them ALL bad.

Anonymous said...

The only "fix" is to shut down and disband the agency.