Thursday, July 04, 2019

It's the 4th, so, since I hope to load some more freedom signaling devices,


Tim said...

Big Thanks!

skybill said...

Hi "Firehand!!"
10-4 on the message,
meanwhile, look around,"RED FLAG" laws... Gun Confiscation "Lite" (to put it mildly!!" One dead "Behind Enemy Lines" so far...
as Mike Vanderboegh would say. Perhaps if a few of these "Confiscators" got "Phil Gordoned" (To take a noun and use it as a verb" they'd think twice!! After Phil, there was Charlie Kintard they tried to deal with ..... FMI go to Mike's Blog "" and thumb thru the "Absolved" Chapter's.......
Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

Firehand said...

Unfortunately, it'll probably happen. And things will get even more messy.

And, yeah, you have to believe they want that, because they have to know that pushing these laws will wind up with more people dead. As the guy said, "It all winds up with puppy-killing SWAT teams."

I'm hoping that some lawsuits might do some good: "Really? On the basis of an ex saying "I think he's dangerous" and no more you entered the property and confiscated property? Let's take that before a jury." In some places that would scare hell out of the authorities.

We'll see.