Monday, July 01, 2019

Professional Journalists...

It’s odd that the left’s army of journalists can nod and pump their fist along with claims that “free speech” is violence and scream that the very notion of blaming the victim when it comes to sexual assault and rape is a grave sin unworthy of modern society.
Yet a reporter being beaten up and having his equipment stolen from him is apparently justifiable because he was somehow asking for it by being there. The rage suddenly disappears from mainstream reporters that a person not doing anything but recording the events had violence visited upon him despite the fact that they clutch their pearls and claim violence will come from someone like President Donald Trump calling the press the enemy of the people.
In truth, this is a very big deal. It shows us just how far the left will go in order to push a 1984-esque environment on the population.
Note that his 'being there' is an offense because he's told the truth about Antifa and their other attacks.  And that's not tolerable to these asshats.

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