Friday, July 05, 2019

Few days ago I was finally able to hit the outdoor range

and try some loads.  Since have a different bullet than before, I tried some black loads using 65.0 grains of 2f; not as good as the 68.0 loads with the Lee bullet.  Going to have to work up some more with 66 grains and try them, and maybe on up to 68 again, see what happens.

One thing I did find: the Lyman bullet has wide, deep lube grooves which helped keep the fouling softer, and easier to clean out when wiping between groups.

Also had a chance to fire a Trapdoor Springfield in .45-70.  Interesting rifle, but I find myself wondering(again) why the bleep they made the sights so small back then?  With perfect vision I'd think they'd be a problem, with glasses...

Speaking of, on the Sharps used, I wish there was a way to fix a scope to it without going the whole Malcolm scope route; for testing loads it would be nice to have a good optic on top.

Also, the splatter targets like the Shoot-n-C are great at longer distances; I was given several, and they make spotting shots a LOT easier at 200 yards.  Now I'll have to get some.

Mike Venturino is a writer on firearms, and one of his articles on loading for .45-70 stated that the best smokeless he'd used for the purpose was Accurate 5744.  Well, on the 340-grain Lyman hollowpoint it's the best I've tried.  Lately, with the heavier bullets, I've been using black and Blackhorn 209, but I should try Accurate with them.

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larryw said...

Why the small sights? Because you were an old man at 40 in 1873.