Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Let's talk about some cops who need to be fired and prosecuted,

and someone, who came up with this idea, needs to be fired.
She recalls SWAT members kicking in her front door, before firing at her pit bull.

"They put me and my son on our knees to watch her die. The officer squatted over her while she was dying with the search warrant, and he said, ‘You know why we're here?’ and I said, ‘No I don't know.’ When he said, ‘We’re here because your gas is off.’ I lost it," Zorich said.
What. The. HELL?
The lead officer in the SWAT raid is a part of the department’s Problem Properties Unit, which goes after neglected properties in St. Louis County.
I'm wanting some explanation for this.
Zorich’s attorney says police were tipped off by one of her neighbors for not having her gas on.

"There is a disturbing lack of oversight," said Dobson.

Now, ignore all the other insanity here, and focus on this:
Dobson says the lead officer fabricated a story to a judge and fellow SWAT members, leading them to believe Zorich’s sons were highly violent, to get the no-knock warrant issued.
If you don't, for some reason, nail people to the wall for the other things, this bastard lied on a sworn statement; if he's not prosecuted and fired it's the prosecutors and PD telling people they don't mind officers committing felonies.

And, when something like this comes out, it's almost always the case that it's not the first time; how many others did he lie?  And how many other SWAT raids have been done on bullshit excuses?

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