Thursday, January 03, 2019

When the hippies of Boulder are telling you to shove it,

that should get your attention.

'Should'.  But won't, because you're dealing with people who think making honest people criminals for owning politically incorrect firearms is 'common sense gun control'.

Besides the lawsuits currently going on, wonder how this asshat and his friends will deal with it if the cops actually start enforcing this crap?
City attorney Tom Carr has acknowledged that enforcing the ordinance will be a challenge, telling the Boulder Daily Camera that “there’s no circumstance where we go door-to-door and ask people if they’ve violated the law.”
In other words "We want to make criminals of people, but we really don't want to have to arrest them.  Because people will get REALLY pissed at us."  And I imagine the cops are just loving the idea of being told "None of your fucking business.  Now get off my property."

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