Thursday, January 03, 2019

For the Southern Poverty Lies Center to lose not only ears and tail

but its entire ass would do the country good.  And be a serious kick in the ass to the bigots and liars running it.

"I came here to escape from a shithole country.  Now I wish to make this country more like the shithole I escaped from."

So, on the eevillleee 'assault weapons' and standard magazine front compliance with the SAFE Act has been less than 15%; now on handguns in this county it's about 31%.  Reaction from Gov. Howler:
"There has been mixed signals coming from the Governor, who has said 'we want more gun legislation'. But we can't even get the gun legislation that we least one provision of it...complete," Kearns said. 

New 4 reached out to the Governor's office to ask when and how re-certification will be enforced. We did not hear back Wednesday.
A lot of sheriffs and police chiefs said when this crap was shoved through that they wouldn't enforce it; the state police have been dancing around it, especially in the counties not near NYeffingCity and Albany; Howler knows if he orders them to start actively enforcing it the result will be loud, profane, and aimed at him.  And he doesn't have the balls to do it.  And all the while honest people who own guns have this garbage hanging over them.

At some point the state authorities are going to decide to start arresting and jailing people over this, and it's going to get interesting.

More of that vote fraud we're told doesn't happen.
From Californicated, no surprise there.

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