Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Something I've been pondering for a while:

Cops who knowingly violate the law because they know they'll get away with it.

Prosecutors who knowingly break the law and legal ethics, and never fear punishment.

Judges who never punish them for it, or at most tell them they've been bad.

Politicians who, when caught lying, either gloss over it or get mad at you for catching them.

And every one of them bitch and moan because "People don't trust us/support us."

Do these people not realize what damage they've done and are doing?  Or do they just not care?


Grog said...

I would have to say they don't care, the only other options to explain their criminal behavior and lack of morals are that, either they are, mentally and emotionally, stuck at 8 years old, and constantly seek gratification for their impulses, OR they are completely unbalanced and shouldn't be allowed near sharp objects, let alone in office.

There may be other factors, of course, but these are my observations, FWIW.

Sailorcurt said...

I pick B

Dan said...

They know what they are doing and they don't care....because they never suffer any consequences for their criminality. Till that fact changes they have no reason to stop breaking the law and abusing society. And since it has become blatantly obvious that they refuse to police and punish themselves WE THE PEOPLE must do it..... Extrajudicially if necessary. Think Paul Kersey.


There's a third option: They're doing it intentionally.

Rome fell because it finally penetrated the awareness of the "common man" that the leadership was so thoroughly corrupt they said WHY BOTHER trying to maintain the civilization. Thus comes chaos... out of which the great Socialist Utopia will inevitably arise .

Gregg said...

I see the corrupt actions, as well as the apathy toward doing the actual job the “neutral” judicial/policing system was created to perform and I wonder if anyone in that system truly understands why it was created.

Do people really want to live in a low trust society where vendettas, blood feuds and the occasional pogrom is normal?

John Wilder said...

Yup. Why not intentional? At times I wonder if they're doing that just to condition people that's the way things should be . . . .