Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Considering the past history of socialists/communists and declaring people mentally deficient,

every time some leftist starts calling opponents mentally ill or insane, it makes me want to buy another box of ammo.  In case they decide I need 'treatment'.

The warped thought process that led to the perversion and weaponization of psychiatry in the Soviet Union can be traced back to the communist icon and thought leader Karl Marx. Marx propounded a spurious doctrine known as “polylogism” to justify stifling dissent. According to Marx, different classes of people had different structures in their minds. Thus, Marx declared the bourgeoisie to be mentally defective because they were inherently unable to comprehend Marx’s (allegedly) revelatory and progressive theories. Since they were, in a sense, insane, there was no valid reason for communists to “waste time” arguing with them. On the contrary, communists were justified in not only ignoring or suppressing bourgeois ideas but in liquidating the entire bourgeois class.

The practice of categorizing one’s enemies as “insane” became a ready tool of suppression in the Soviet state founded by Lenin and developed under Stalin. The USSR’s infamous secret police energetically wielded quack psychiatry as a club with which to destroy political dissidents. If you want more information about how the Soviets kidnapped and misused psychiatry, here is a link to a document that describes what American agents of the USSR were taught about psycho-political techniques in the late 1930s. (The provenance of the booklet is murky, and Soviet apologists have long tried to discredit it, but in light of numerous psychiatric abuses known to have been committed with the approval of the USSR’s rulers, the content of the book is highly plausible.)



And we ARE insane by their standards.

They believe - with Marxianic Zeal - that they can create a Great Worldwide Utopia where there is no hunger, no poverty, no privation, no crime, no injustice (etc., etc., etc.).

To oppose this paradise on Earth, you would have to be insane.

Anonymous said...

"another CASE of ammo" FIFY.