Friday, January 04, 2019

Screw the whipping post, let's go to public hanging

A couple who fed their daughter an extreme vegan diet have admitted causing her serious injury. 

The mother and father, aged 32 and 34 respectively, who cannot be named for legal reasons fed the girl oats and rice milk. 

The girl's diet was so restricted that she developed rickets, a degenerative bone disease caused by malnourishment.
How malnourished?
This diet resulted in severe deficiencies in nutrients across the board for the infant, including a lack of calcium, phosphate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and zinc.  

Her levels of vitamin D - which can cause bone disease if found to be too low - were 'undetectable'.

The infant had fractures scattered throughout her tiny body and her bones were so brittle doctors believed they could have been broken by 'normal handling'.

Public hanging sounds right.


KM said...

1 vote for whipping post followed by hanging!

Dan said...

You have to study test for and get a license to drive, to cut hair, to give a do damn near ANYTHING. But the single most important job a person can
EVER do....have and raise a child.....has ZERO requirements imposed.