Monday, May 22, 2017

The Disneyland and Hermit Crab States of Mind

We're now moving into conscious behaviors. But behaviors based on subconscious assumptions and ...well, flat out misinformation. Myths and lies that are being promoted as unquestionable truths. The reason I mention this subject is it has a lot to do with current trends of entitlement and privilege (I have the right to _____") It also lends itself to people believing, "I shouldn't have to do _____" 

Especially among the young, this can go as far as they have a 'right' to do stupid, illegal and dangerous without consequence. Mix that in with an assumption of safety and we're three quarters the way to the Disneyland State of Mind and the Hermit Crab Mindset.
Read it.  Good piece.  And I think you'll recognize both people you know and lots of people in the news.  And it fits right in with the accusation of 'Victim Blaming!' that SJBs like to throw around:  "How dare you tell girls they shouldn't get blackout-drunk at parties!  Teach men not to-", etc.
Want another example? (Also to show you how deeply embedded the DSOM is in certain circles.) It's nearly 20 years since I was talking to the head of a university's rape crisis center. I mentioned an under-aged girl, using a false ID to get into a frat party, then binge drinking herself into unconsciousness while surrounded by a bunch of horny, drunk young males is not a situation that was going to end well.

Her response? "Well, a girl has the right to have fun."
I want you to realize, this wasn't a student saying this. It was an older woman AND an university employee. Recognize the DSOM goes beyond just peer pressure and the young and dumb. Yes it's endemic in the hook up culture. However, in certain circles -- especially age groups -- it's almost become an ideology and an expected standard of behavior. People in the DSOM engage in high risk behavior, not just because it's 'fun,' but ... wait for it ... it’s their right.

That's how you can get cross wired with it. The common reaction to their 'rights' being violated is fury. You'll be targeted by this fury regardless of who you are.
I can think of a number of people I've known who this fits.


Anonymous said...

Morals are a hindrance, ethics for convenience. History is replete with examples therefore verboten. The intent to create the elois is real and tangible.

Jerry The Geek said...

Forget it, Jake. It's Academia.

sailorcurt said...

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but my takeaway from your excerpt is: They're right, they do have the right to do stupid s#!t.

And I have the right to tell them "gee, that was stupid" when it ends predictably.

Sure, they'll scream "victim blamer" at me and insist that I'm evil and horrible.

And I'll laugh at them, just like I've been doing my whole life.

Soon enough, life's going to slap them in the face. They'll either figure it out and be OK, or they'll end up living under a bridge somewhere. Either way, you reap what you sow.

Firehand said...

That about sums it up