Saturday, May 27, 2017

Short version: 'Don't worry about the burgers, worry about the buns and such.'

Publishing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr Zoë Harcombe of the Institute of Clinical Exercise and Health Science of the University of the West of Scotland researched both the origins and the results of following the dietary fat guidelines that have prevailed in the US and the United Kingdom for almost 40 years. The evidence provides no support for the assertion that low-fat diets are healthier, especially as the incidences of obesity and diabetes have escalated dramatically during the same four decades of the guidelines’ implementation.
Hell, have two burgers, just skip the carbs as much as possible.

More stupidity from the "Feelings are more important than ANYTHING!" people.
This is a post about an example of going too far to make sure we don’t label someone. Fresh from the state of Washington, we have an internal memo from Acting Department of Corrections Secretary Dick Morgan renaming those incarcerated in the prison system there as “students”.

Yes, you read that right, people like Gary Ridgway, the infamous Green River Killer, are now “students” according to the DOC. Why? According to Morgan, “The term ‘offender’ does have a negative connotation and significantly impacts a broad group of people and communities.”
Stupid, not helpful, and I'm sure he feels very virtuous about it.

I think I linked to this once before; it's worth another look.
What we are saying is: You cannot engage in a stand up, mano y mano sparring match with a criminal.

A criminal assault is not a fight. The criminal's intended goals are light years away from a fight. As such, using the strategies that you would use in a fight  (or a sporting match) isn't going to work. In fact, the strategies and tactics he is going to be using are designed to prevent you from being able to effectively resist.

Another reason to call it Californicated.
For many booksellers like Bill and Book Passage, this massive threat of liability will make holding author events too much of a risk.  And the loss to California’s marketplace of ideas will be gargantuan.  Book signings aren’t just central to Book Passage’s business model, they’re vital to up-and-coming authors with less represented views, who use book signings to lure new readers.  Many famous authors got their start by doing signing events.  While Book Passage hosts such big names as Isabelle Allende and Khaled Hosseini, it also frequently hosts local poets, fiction writers, and even chefs who have authored cookbooks.
Even worse than irrational, the law is pernicious: despite the law’s vast breadth (it also covers paintings, sculptures, and auctioneers), certain sellers have secured exemptions.  Online retailers and pawn shops, those places where uninformed buyers are most vulnerable, do not have to comply.

Yes, there are racists out there; and some of them won't be called that by the loudest screamers, due to their skin color.

That's the link to Insty, in case you don't want to give this nutcase any clicks.  His lecture includes
The Europeans first used Blanqueamiento on us when they shipped our ancestors over to the West Indies (Caribbean’s), Central and South America. The Hebrew slaves of these lands were originally black and brown skinned people. But once the Europeans (Spanish, Portuguese, British, etc.) established their colonies and plantations there; the white men raped the black women and had babies with them. Their European offspring were taught and forced to mate among other Europeans, instead of back into Hebrew (black) blood to white-out the black race. This is where the modern day Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino people come from (the white ones, not the negroes). They are the offspring of the European slave masters who raped black women, whose children bred back into the white race.

I shared that short piece of history with you to show you how interracial mating is used as a tool to destroy black populations. Not just us here in America, but worldwide. In case you didn’t know, the entire world was black a few thousand years ago. The ancient Europeans, Asians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and Israelites were all black. But when the Caucasians (white people) evolved from Neanderthals into human beings, they performed Blanqueamiento wherever they went to control the population. This is why all of the indigenous populations of the earth today are now populated by whites.

Evergreen State College, a good place to keep your kids away from.

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Roland Thompson said...

I graduated from Evergreen in 2005, and my experience is that it is a lot like UC Berkeley in that the science department is top notch and the liberal arts side is nucking futs. Notice that it was a biology professor who got in trouble with the social justice crowd, and not one of the underwater basket weaving instructors.

That being said, Yale had their very public "social justice coup attempt" in 2015, so expect more of this crap to go on all over the country.