Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yes, the NGVAC is a hate group

Which you probably already know.
In a previous post, Miguel showed a post from the Nation Gun Victims Action Council. I have never been to their site or their Facebook page before.

I went to take a look.

Holy shit. They are the Stormfront of the anti-gun movement.

I mean that with the greatest degree of sincerity.
In the eye of this beholder, the Nation Gun Victims Action Council is a hate group. I believe the internet hate group definition best describes the state of mind of the the NGVAC. I think that the NGVAC as a hate group is one that models itself on some of the worst antisemitic tropes and hate online.

One of the oldest and pervasive antisemitic canard is that the Jews control the government. If you were to go to a random antisemitic website you will see claims that the Congress is beholden to Jews, the US goverment fights wars on behalf of Israel or the Israel Lobby, or any number of other insinuation that the tiny minority of Jews in the world wields enormous subversive political and economic power in the US to the detriment of the American people.

That last sentiment is exactly what the NGVAC believes about the NRA.
Never forget that a lot of these people have a primary emotion in their actions: they hate us.  Anyone who owns arms, or defends it.  And an awful lot of them would have no problem seeing us killed.  For the greater good, of course.

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