Thursday, May 25, 2017

Someone tell me again why the TSA should be considered anything other than a jobs program

for abusers and incompetents?
When the locks were first introduced in 2003, TSA official Ken Lauterstein described them as part of the agency’s efforts to develop “practical solutions that contribute toward our goal of providing world-class security and world-class customer service.”

Now that they’ve been hacked, however, TSA says it doesn’t really care one way or another.

“The reported ability to create keys for TSA-approved suitcase locks from a digital image does not create a threat to aviation security,” wrote TSA spokesperson Mike England in an email to The Intercept.

These consumer products are ‘peace of mind’ devices, not part of TSA’s aviation security regime,” England wrote.

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Ryan Bowers said...

One of the perks of flying with a gun, you get to put a real lock on the luggage containing the gun.