Thursday, October 12, 2017

'where she now chairs the Department of Philosophy and Classics'

and threatens students not sufficiently PC to suit her.
When MacDonald tried to push back against her characterization of his Islam remark, she complained: “You’re clearly expressing a lot of resistance to what I’m telling you.” And she told him that if he were working under her in an office environment, his Islam comment “would get you fired.”
ALFRED MACDONALD: Would it really get me fired to say that I could be killed somewhere?
EVE BROWNING: In that situation as you’ve described it, absolutely yes.
EVE BROWNING: Don’t even ask. It’s clear you’re not taking my word for it. I don’t care to convince you. If I can’t persuade you that it’s in your interest to behave in ways that other people don’t find offensive and objectionable, then at least I’ve done my job.
ALFRED MACDONALD: Well I know that it’s in my interest. I’m just trying to understand the reasoning.
EVE BROWNING: You don’t have to.
ALFRED MACDONALD: Well, this is a truth[-]seeking discipline!
And how did the philosophy professor respond to this perfectly factual, utterly appropriate observation? She laughed.
Browning, you're a disgrace.

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Huh, an actual case of "Shut up she explained"