Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The cry of the chief gun bigot/control freak:

"No law would have stopped this, but we need more laws anyway!"
Because it's not about safety, or crime, it's about control.  Like it generally always is.

Speaking of power,
One of the refrains you hear today from media experts and journalists is that they’d known about Weinstein’s transgressions for a long time. The problem, they say, was that no one was able to nail down the story.

Nonsense. Everyone had it, not just Waxman. Sure, reporters hadn’t been able to get any stars to go on the record. But that means the story journalists were pursuing wasn’t really about Weinstein’s sexual depredations. It means that what they wanted was a story about actresses, junior executives, or assistants who had been humiliated, maybe raped, and chose to remain quiet in exchange for money and/or a shot at fame.

Of course no one was going to get that on the record—very few journalists would even want to publish a story like that. But journalists always had the actual story of how a Hollywood producer humiliated and sexually assaulted women. How? Because he victimized journalists.
He spread lots of money around, had lots of connections, and so he kept getting away with this crap.  Speaking of connections, I'd love to see a list of how many politicians he gave money to, and how much; we already know about his Clinton connections, what about the others?

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0007 said...

What's the betting line on how many flights Epstein, Weinstein and the Clintonsteins had together on the way to Epstein's magic Island of underage girls?